How to Choose the Best Lechon

In my decades of eating lechons, I have developed preferences and criteria for choosing my favorites. In my opinion, the best lechons have the following characteristics: 1. Taste and Flavor – it has to be salty, not too salty but salty enough. Salt is the engine of flavor and if it’s not salty it’s not […]


Carcar Lechon

Carcar Lechon Review

CARCAR :Lechon capital of Cebu province. Headed to Cebu South for business and it was around 11am when we passed by Carcar City, the lechon capital of South Cebu. It’s located 4o kilometers south of Cebu City. It has a population of around 107,000 scattered across their 15 barangays. Aside from the old Spanish houses […]

Cebu Original Lechon Belly

Went to Parkmall yesterday and decided to buy a kilo of Cebu Lechon Belly. We had kids so I bought half a kilo each of spicy and regular varieties. It was 4 pm so there was no wait. The Lechon was crispy, salty and spicy just the way i like. It was full of flavor! […]

Cebu Original Lechon Belly